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Spider Farmer® SF7000 650W FullSprectrum Foldable Led Grow Light

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  • 2022 new Version Low Energy Consumption & High Output: Spider Farmer SF7000 is a highly efficient replacement for 1000w HPS. With 650w of power draw, it features Samsung LM301B, high energy efficient drivers with a photon efficiency of 2.8 umol/J, and a commercial coverage of 5×5 ft. The high photon efficiency brings good PPF value. A PPF of 1786μmol/s is a worth investing output for only 650 watts of power consumption. Save over 50% on your electric bill in comparison to HID lights.
  • Full Spectrum & Uniform Photon: SF7000 led grow light full spectrum(2800-3000K,4800-5000k, 650-665nm) is designed with both vegetative and flowering growth periods in mind. With an upgraded diodes arrangement to make PPFD more uniform, the value between the edge area is gathered and the center area is reduced. The large fixtures with diodes spread out over the entire surface ensure a more even coverage and deeper penetration.
  • Good Heat Dissipation & Moisture Resistance – No fan no noise. The driver could also be detached from the fixture and used away from it if needed. It’s the answer for any grower looking to fulfill his own needs but who still wants “big” professional results. The detachable drivers also ensure good heat dissipation and a longer lifespan. With waterproof glue material, SF7000 led grow light can be used in humid environments.
  • Dimming & Daisy Chain: This led grow light is dimmable, you could make sure to provide the right amount of light in every stage of plant growth. You only need to gently turn the dimming button to adjust the growth rate of plants, while also reducing energy and heat loss. It has a daisy chain function which allows you to connect up to 15 SF-7000 lamps. You only need to operate one of the lamps to control the other 15 lamps, this is a gospel for large commercial growers.
  • Value for the Money: With full circuit protection Functions, including overvoltage/under-voltage, short circuit, and overheat protection. SPIDER FARMER LED Plant Lights are often copied but will never have our quality or commitment. We provide 3 years of after-service local maintenance center(US/CA/UK/DE). Have a blast while growing your own with your Spider Farmer.
  • Specification SF-7000 new version
    Spectrum 2800-3000K,4800-5000K,650-665nm,
    Par-Value 1700.18 umol@AC120V 1685.03umol@AC240V 1680.98umol@AC277V
    Coverage Veg:6x6ft      Flower:5x5ft
    Lumen 116429Lm±5%@AC120V 115453Lm±5%@AC240V 115146Lm±5%@AC277V
    Power draw 650W±5%@AC120V 623W±5%@AC240V 619W±5%@AC277V
    Light Size 736.8*558*103.5MM
    Package Size 823*445*130MM
    Gross Weight 12.87KG
    DB 0dB
    Input Voltage AC100-277V
    Amp 5.407A@AC120V 2.611A@AC240V 2.265A@AC277V
    Frequency 50-60HZ
    LED 1716