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Growers Republic™ Eagle Series Full Spectrum 780 watt Cannabis LED Grow Light

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  • Full Spectrum Plant LED Grow Light – FLT-GL07E344 Growers Republic LED grow light provides high-intensity full spectrum light, produces high quality crops.
  • Hight-efficiency LED Grow Light - Growers Republic LED grow light utilizes the latest in high yielding LEDs technology, with average PPFD 940 µmol/m²/s, market-leading 2.9 µmol/J PPE, more cost-effective.
  • Slim & Foldable Design - The fixture can fold up to 180 degrees, making it compact and easy to install. 

 Technical Specifications 

Light Output PPF: 2212μmol/s

Efficacy: 2.9μmol/J @ 277VAC

AC Input Power: 763W @ 277V AC

AC Input Voltage: 120-277V AC / 277-480V AC @ 50/60Hz

Power Factor: >0.95

Light Beam Angle: 120°

Fixture Dimensions: 47"L x 42.8"W x 2.3"H

Mounting Height: 6-24 inches

 PPFD Reading 

Growers Republic™ LED Grow Light PPFD Reading

 Photometric Data 

Growers Republic™ LED Grow Light E780 Photometric Data

 SP3 Spectrum/ Application 

Cannabis LED Grow Light Growers Republic™ Eagle Series 780 watt LED Lights SP3 Spectrum
Boosted growth, density, and resin production; tighter internodal spacing.
Long bulb life; 50,000-100,000 hours (5 to 10+ years of consecutive use).
Energy efficient (30-50% more efficient than traditional lighting).
Lower heat-load / Reduced HVAC costs.No ballasts or reflectors, additional cooling equipment, or bulbs to replace.
Spectrum, dimming, timing control (some fixtures).
Engineered for optimal thermos-regulation. The LED grow light fixture is thermally and mechanically engineered for optimal thermal management — Built-in large areas of solid aluminum heat sinks, essential for heat dissipation, ensuring long lifespan of the light, reducing heat stress on the plants and lowering HVAC loads.
Daisy Chain/Dimming


Ability to ease plant transition from veg to flower stages. The system dimming knob can be used to lower the light output or turn the system off.

Single lamp control:
According to the different growth period of cannabis, different light intensity was selected.

Networked Control:

When the knob is in the EXT state, it can be networked to control the joint dimming of lamps and lanterns.

A maximum of 60 LED grow light lamps can be connected to one controller using a daisy chain setup.
Up to 500 lamps per daisy chain can be connected using splitters, which is beneficial for large area of indoor growing and commercial planting.

Growers Republic LEDs are fast becoming the dominant horticultural lighting solution.