How to make your own Co2 bags – Grow your plants naturally!

How to make your own Co2 bags – Grow your plants naturally!

Carbon dioxide bags are like saviors for indoor plants. Getting sufficient carbon dioxide is the utmost important aspect, and purchasing the co2 bags online may not be budget-friendly for everyone. So here is the article that will help you make DIY carbon dioxide bags at home with all the natural ingredients. This homemade co2 bag will work for 4 good weeks. Also, all the products are very reasonable and can be got from nearby stores. So what are you waiting for? Keep reading.

What are co2 Bags?

Co2 bags are natural carbon dioxide packed in a bag for the plants to grow better. The indoor plants often need the natural solution of carbon dioxide to live and bloom. These co2 bags are the combination of such nutrients for plants with the abundance of Co2 in it. The carbon dioxide bags that are available in the market guarantees to work perfectly well for 6 months and keep produce co2 for the plants. 

How to make your own co2 bags?

Making your own homemade co2 bag can be really fun. Follow the guide below to make a natural co2 bag for your indoor plants and save so many bucks. 

Ingredients needed:

2 cups
1 small-sized corrugated cardboard sheet/box
1 pack of sliced mushroom of 80z
2 tbsp of sugar (granulated)
Some old coffee grinds
2-3 cups of water
Freezer bags
1 old bottle
1 rope

  1. Take a corrugated cardboard sheet and cut it into medium pieces.
  2. Now take 2 cups of the same size and fill the cardboard pieces in it. This is the rule measurement. 1 bag will need 2 cups of cardboard pieces. 
  3. Now transfer the cardboard pieces into a bowl and pour 2 full cups of distilled water.
  4. Keep it for rest around 10 minutes, and then pour-out around ¾ cup of water.
  5. Now you have to add 2 tbsp of granulated sugar to the cardboard mix.
  6. Now add the coffee grinds without a filter.
  7. It is time to add mushrooms now.
  8. Break the mushrooms into pieces and mix the whole mixture very well. 
  9. Now take the old bottle and cut the top of it. 
  10. With the use of a plastic freezer bag, place the mixture into the bag and keep it doubled. 
  11. Now place the bottle-top on the mixture and closely tie the bag.
  12. Once you close the bag, drill minute holes on the cap, and twist-lock the bottle, this will secure your co2 bag completely. 
  13.  Now punch the plastic through the bottle cap, and voila, your co2 bag is ready. 

After your co2 is ready, place the homemade bag in a dark and cool area hanging on the plant.

Benefits of cos2 bags

  • It requires no maintenance
  • It requires no electricity
  • It produces heat
  • It produces co2 naturally
  • It can guarantee a 20% increase in your plant
  • It helps in keeping your plants fresh
  • It is also very easy to use
  • It is perfect for indoor gardening

Bottom Line:

Making co2 bags at home is easy and reasonable too. You all can also try this method and comment below if it worked for you or not. For the first week, the bag will release 400ppm to 600ppm of co2. After the 1st week, your co2 bag will release 850ppm tp 1090 ppm. I hope this article was helpful and makes your plant grow well.